XI Mixer CEO Round Table

Annual Gala dedicated exclusively for 150 CEOs, the most-waited night in the CEO Round Table calendar.

24th November 2022, Warsaw


Mixer CEO Round Table welcomes around 150 CEOs of the largest companies operating in this part of Europe. This is the most exclusive and unique meeting
for CEOs in Poland. This evening, remarkable gala is a pinnacle of authentic leadership storytelling.


Only available to CEOs and General Managers, the programme is designed to spark a debate and help to communicate in an open way. The event delivers real insight and new ideas for leaders who want to see how they can improve their business performance.

XI Mixer: Agenda

18:00 Welcoming of the Guests (welcome drink)
18:10 Networking Game
18:30 Opening Speech
18:40 Evening Buffet
19:30 Interactive Session
20:00 CEO Round Tables
21:40 Giraffe Awards
22:00 Special Guest’s Story
22:20 Mixer Party
23:00 Anticipated End of the Evening
Mixer CEO Round Table

XI Mixer: CEO Round Tables

A good story is helpful both in strengthening the identity of our team and to get people’s commitment to a vision or a project. It helps to influence others and unify
the group by linking the past to the future. That is why Mixer Guests are invited
to share their stories of leadership. They gather around tables, each with about twelve CEOs, to share and listen to authentic histories.

The CEO Round Tables are facilitated by moderators to create optimal conditions and space for frank conversations. Some will prepare themselves, and some will improvise. Participation is not obligatory. The authentic and open atmosphere
of the Mixer with mutual encouragement will help guests to share their experiences.
The storyteller whose story is praised by other guests around the table as the most inspiring receives a Giraffe Award.

XI Mixer: Giraffe Awards

The Giraffe is not only an award. It is a gesture of gratitude to those who have dared to share their authentic story during the CEO Round Tables’ debate. The giraffe symbolizes non-violent communication. It is a reference to the work of Marshall Rosenberg, a psychologist known for his spectacular achievements in conflict resolution and mediation. The “Giraffe Language” is full of understanding with the ability to speak difficult truths, bring out the best in people, and live in harmony with others. The photos show the winner of the Giraffes.

XI Mixer: Partners