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What is Business Coaching?

As CEO Round Table, we are a leadership development platform, focusing on business coaching and mentoring to help our members become better leaders. We believe that there is no universal template for a leader, but everyone has the potential to develop their unique leadership talents. We invite leaders who have undergone various training and are now seeking to implement their acquired knowledge more broadly in practice – through open and honest conversations with other leaders.


Leader competencies can be divided into two areas: the first includes hard business and strategic skills. On the other hand, there are so-called soft skills, related to emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be improved through training, but mastery requires constant practice. Our members are exceptionally sharp individuals with high intelligence, but they are aware that they do not fully utilize the resources of the right hemisphere of the brain – responsible for imagination, intuition, and fantasy. Therefore, a true leader is someone who develops both of these areas.

What characterizes effective leadership?

Complete leadership is a game on two fronts – making accurate business decisions and creating positive energy through emotional intelligence. Only then can we speak of effective leadership.


CEO Round Table provides support to managers and leaders in developing soft skills. We encourage leaders who aspire to grow their companies and believe that organizational development largely depends on the progress of their employees to join our community. That is why they are interested in skills related to individual development and realize that their personal development translates into progress in their teams.

Development space for CEOs within CEO Round Table

We approach personal and professional development in a holistic way, realizing that the balanced development of the leader’s entire personality brings solid and long-term benefits in the business sphere. What is most human brings the best, lasting results.


We understand that a lack of time is the biggest obstacle for CEOs who want to engage in this type of initiative. Therefore, we approach the development of our members in a personalized way, and during their participation in our forum, we monitor how their developmental needs change and what topics they would like to discuss with other CEOs. Each member has the opportunity to influence the shape of the meeting program. Our program is flexible, allowing us to respond to challenges as they arise.