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Types of meetings

Open Forum

Diverse high-quality events with participant rotation, aiming to build and expand the business network through mutual inspiration.


We organize approximately 80 events annually for forum members—always focused on business topics, in small groups (from a few to thirty people), led by experienced moderators.

Peer Group

A closed and stable group (from six to twelve leaders), built based on a common denominator—shared needs, an equivalent profile, and similar challenges.


The group is engaged in a program of regular workshops and works with a special methodology aimed at helping members solve current problems, learn from each other, and develop together.


Open Forum

This is the basic form of CEO Round Table activity, providing participants with access to events of various formats and topics, moderated by professional coaches. The offer is prepared with CEOs, board members, and top-level management in mind. Each event is an opportunity for mutual inspiration, sharing best practices, and developing a valuable business network.


Open Forum activities are based on three principles. Firstly, the principle of confidentiality—information shared during meetings stays within the group and the meeting place. Secondly, the more you give, the more you receive. This principle makes it easy to understand how much can be gained through the sincere and open exchange of experiences. Thirdly, participants are guided by the value of respecting the opinions, expectations, and emotions of others.

Late Summer Picnic

The meeting is dedicated to all CEO Round Table members—both CEOs and CXOs—allowing them to meet again and enjoy time spent together. We want to celebrate the “joy of sharing,” a motto we have been faithful to for over 20 years. Therefore, the casual picnic provides us with the perfect space for mutual inspiration in a safe and beautiful natural setting.

Walk the Talk

We meet for a morning walk in a group of up to 12 people to share reflections and personal experiences based on an interesting video or podcast from a notable authority. We usually start at 8:15 with coffee at the Maybe Café, and at 8:30, we head to the park, working in rotating pairs to have a broader view of the topic and get to know interesting leaders in a different way. The meeting typically lasts up to 1.5 hours and is, according to participants, a refreshing boost of energy and inspiration for the whole workday.

Readers & Leaders

This is another intimate meeting in a café where each participant brings three books that have influenced them as individuals and leaders. It’s not about a review but about sharing how reading has influenced our developmental path at a significant moment in our lives. Such a conversation provides an incredible opportunity for genuine openness and getting to know the unique qualities of leaders. The light, short format of this meeting (8:30 – 10:00) allows us to start the day with full vigor and joy.

Outstanding Event

We meet for breakfast (in a group of up to 25 people) around a carefully selected topic addressing the current challenges of our members. Meetings take place in the morning in an exclusive and calm environment. The agenda includes networking over coffee, a short induction moment (warm-up), a presentation of a specific case for up to 20 minutes, and a Q&A session for up to 50 minutes. The official part of the meeting ends at 10:00, but guests usually enjoy staying until 10:30 to use this time for networking.


We gather for a dinner at a round table, with up to 12 people, focusing on the topic of leadership, human capital management, or our self-development. During dinner, guests are asked to share their own experiences on the topic in the most authentic and truthful way. We encourage openness to be able to share lessons learned from failures and challenges. Meetings are moderated, and guests can prepare and collect stories to share based on a previously sent questionnaire. This is our flagship event, from which the CEO Round Table forum started in 2001.


The CEO Round Table Mixer brings together nearly 150 CEOs and Managing Directors leading the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe. It is the most exclusive and unique CEO gathering in Poland. The unforgettable evening gala is a joint ascent to the peaks of the art of storytelling. The program, dedicated exclusively to CEOs, is designed to spark in-depth discussions and open up to interesting and important conversations. The meeting is an ideal opportunity for leadership development; business leaders share insights and new ideas.


Open Forum + Peer Group

Peer Group is a formula developed in 2014 for leaders from various business sectors. Within this activity, closed workshop groups are created with a stable composition, focused on the personal and professional development of engaged individuals. Each group is formed based on a common denominator connecting participants—such as similar needs, challenges, or a comparable professional profile (e.g., CEO of the CEE Region, CEO of Retail companies, women in CEO positions, etc.). The main goals of Peer Group are mutual inspiration through close relationships among participants, joint problem-solving, and addressing individual needs.

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