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Who are we?

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Values guiding CEO Round Table

CEO Round Table is not a business club, but primarily a leadership development forum. Our members appreciate the fact that in CEO Round Table, ‘you get to know the person before you meet the CEO.’ We emphasize warm and friendly relationships with our members, which over time can contribute to fruitful business collaboration.


We conduct workshops for CEOs, board members, and managerial staff, based on principles of generosity and reciprocity. At the round table, every CEO, regardless of the size of the managed company, sits alongside other CEOs and shares personal leadership experiences, aiming to inspire other participants.

Open Forum events
CEO Mixers
Peer Groups

Ideals of our organization

Most of our meetings take place in a small circle to ensure greater interaction among participants and a better exchange of managerial experiences. By creating a safe space, everyone has the opportunity to share their own lessons, professional achievements, and failures. Our goal is to promote authenticity, not individual self-promotion.


In our efforts, we focus on applying diverse leadership development methods in the organization, with unique consideration for emotional intelligence and awareness of individual leadership styles. We believe that the peak of leadership skill development is reached when leaders invest in mutual development.

Mission and Vision

We are a club bringing together entrepreneurs – both CEOs of private companies and corporations – who emphasize fostering entrepreneurship among their employees as a key element of success.


Our business events are a carefully thought-out and meticulously developed alternative to typical business conferences. Thanks to the short, intensive format of meetings, our members draw inspiration and receive a dose of positive, human energy. They are characterized by an elite and exclusive nature, enabling our members to interact with other leaders who also face similar professional challenges.


Our leadership development forum places great importance on diversity as an essential element enriching perspectives and allowing us to view the world holistically. Therefore, we invite both women and men, foreigners and Poles, CEOs of private companies and corporations, regardless of age, both young entrepreneurs and experienced leaders. This neutral organization, focusing on dialogue rather than confrontation on certain issues, has brought together leaders with diverse views.

Team Profiles

Francois Nail

Founder CEO Round Table and Moderator

Creator of the mission and methodology of the Forum. Responsible for relationships with leaders and the quality of event moderation. He has been involved in leadership development in Poland for over 30 years.

Joanna Dubrawska

Senior Manager

Responsible for Structural Partnership within the Forum and external communication. Manages annual meetings of all members and internal company projects.

Weronika Starzomska

Project Manager

Responsible for the functioning of Open Forum + Peer Groups – the membership formulae. Organizes regular member meetings and oversees subscriptions. Implements the company’s sales strategy.

Dorota Piekarczyk

Board Member and Moderator

Board Member and Moderator. A master in business psychology and certified coaching, Dorota pioneers transformative leadership, blending personal and professional growth.

Andre Golebski

Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for external communications of the CEO Round Table. Implements the company’s marketing strategy.