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What is business networking?

Our concept of business networking was developed based on the experiences of the founder, Francois Nail, who has been promoting good networking among leaders since the beginning of his career. We created the concept of ‘quality executive networking’ to show that in CEO Round Table, you can meet leaders with exceptional professional profiles, and we pay special attention to how our members initiate, develop, and nurture relationships with each other. Our know-how allows us to offer effective business networking. Undoubtedly, building a network is an essential activity for any ambitious leader, but often, executives approach such actions with reluctance. We are well aware of the specificity of networking for leaders, and therefore, our personalized approach introduces an atmosphere of trust, increasing the chances of long-lasting and fruitful business relationships.


Every new member receives guidance from us on how to excel in networking. What are the benefits of building relationships among CEOs?

How to use networking to develop leadership skills?

Quality executive networking is currently crucial for leaders who want to respond effectively to the current challenges in the VUCA world. In addition to the internal resources of their company, leaders must seek the opinions and experiences of other leaders, even outside their industry. The fast pace of changes in today’s world means that leaders need to regularly update their comparisons and constantly assess the accuracy of their beliefs.

This explains why investing in building networks works like a kind of insurance policy for leaders who aim to effectively face enormous challenges and take appropriate risks.

Networking space for CEOs within CEO Round Table

CEO networking has unique characteristics and must meet specific criteria. 

First and foremost, the space should be safe, allowing participants to openly express their challenges and difficulties. Additionally, it should have an intimate character to enable deeper, authentic interactions. The quality of the space is another crucial aspect, meaning that the participation of invited individuals will bring benefits and enjoyment from establishing mutual relationships, and the meeting itself will be moderated in a way to sense personal chemistry between participants. These elements differentiate us from other traditional business meetings.