CEO Round Table forum is run by RSQ Management. In addition to running the forum, RSQ specializes in executive coaching for top management. The company and the forum have been operating since 2001.

RSQ Management sp. z o. o.
ul. Flory 9/7, 00-586 Warszawa
tel.: +48 22 840 52 42
NIP: 521-31-54-913
REGON: 017257935
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CEO Round Table Management

Magdalena Zalewska
General Manager

Magdalena Zalewska is General Director at RSQ Management. Magdalena has many years of experience in business events and managing development programs and projects for the CEOs and managers. For 10 years she has been co-creating and developing leadership development forum CEO Round Table. She co-created and for the last three years has been expanding Wise & Young – an original development program for mid-level managers. She is a certified sociologist, currently studying psychology. 

Francois Nail

Francois Nail
Managing Partner

Francois Nail is a French native. He graduated from ESCP-EAP – a leading Business School in France – and from Sciences Po Paris in Organisation and Work Sociology. In May 1991 he founded NAJ International, a pioneer company in the Polish recruitment industry. Today Francois keeps on focusing his energy onto executive coaching and the leadership development forum CEO Round Table. He cumulates an experience of about 3 200 hours of individual coaching, mostly for top managers. He is the founder and Managing Partner of RSQ Management, operated since April 2001. François speaks French, English, Polish and German. He and his wife Kinga have three children.